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Why deploy on Cyclic

Modern web applications out of the box. Cost efficient, secure, fault tolerant, scalable and fast.

No sleep

Cyclic Apps are available immediately and on demand. No waiting 30 seconds for containers to be spun up. Even on free tier.


Code is deployed to where you are. Smart caching helps you deliver the best performance globally.


Scale up and down instantly. 1GB serverless compute handles EACH individual request.

Spike resistant

Up to 100 concurrent requests per second per app. Up to 10gb compute per request - thats 1TB per second of available compute.

Roll forward, roll back

Switch to different versions of your deployments with built in CI/CD for every app.

Match cost and value

Pay for what you use. Translate between cost and business value with consumption based pricing.

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Shoutouts to @cyclic_sh, I got a little emotional today thinking about how awesome it is I can spin up a server for testing and exploring with full stack projects on the free tier. Legends for the community 💯 💯💯

Andrew S.

Andrew S.

Software Engineer

@cyclic_sh is the best! I find they are very easy to work with! If you need help, I could try and troubleshoot with you 🙏

Mike Jakuszewski

Mike Jakuszewski

Full Stack Software Engineer

Used cyclic for my latest app, it's incredibly intuitive & easy to work with plus I love the way they show individual transactions so you can pinpoint any errors that may occur during requests.

Shahzaib Khan

Shahzaib Khan

Web / Mobile App Developer

Just deployed my Catlog app to Cyclic 🥳 The process was super easy. To me, it's a great Heroku alternative. And they hired our @SchipThatCode from #100devs ❤️



Software Engineer @HackForLA is my favorite. Was very straight forward to get my first node.js web-apps up and running.



Software Engineer

I'm super positive impressed I've deployed app on the go :)




Deployed my CRUD app to @cyclic_sh and all I got to say is WOW, the team crushed it! What an awesome and easy client experience! Kudos 👏 #100devs #hosting #technology

Mike Jakuszewski

Mike Jakuszewski

Software Engineer

I had the same issue few weeks back while hosting an express api on both vercel and netlify, @cyclic_sh worked like a charm!

Ishaan Bedi

Ishaan Bedi


Deploying private repos is a game changer 🙌🏽 I tried every other platforms and I always come back to @cyclic_sh so easy to deploy no more headaches 🥰



Software Engineer @100Devs

A free tier that's actually useful

Researching Cyclic? Just want the specs?

Get started now. Here is what you get with the Free tier:

Inactivity Delay

None - Apps Never Sleep

Hourly Limit

None - Unlimited


1024 MB RAM


100 x 1024 MB

API Requests

10,000 / month / app






Integrated Database

1 GB (AWS DynamoDB)

Integrated Object Storage

1 GB (AWS S3)



Edge Locations

Closest of 18+ Regions

Smart Caching

300+ Locations

Precision Cron

3 jobs / app

Logs History - Application

7 Days

Logs History - Network

7 Days

SSL Certificates

Custom Subdomains

Build on git push

Behind the scenes

Your code on AWS-backed infrastructure

Let us handle everything or target Cyclic deployments at your own AWS account for complete control.


Cloud Formation

API Gateway

Cloud Front

Cloud Watch



Dynamo DB

Step Functions


Event Bridge

Certificate Manager

Code Build

Wait...there's more

The best code is the code you don't have to write.

Focus on building, let us handle the rest.

Run locally, run in the cloud.

An execution environment that feels familiar on both local and in the cloud. Optimize for speed from idea to live in production.

Build and Deploy in seconds.

The fastest build system you have ever seen. Seriously, you will be shocked. We sometimes refresh the page because we think we are seeing cached results. For real, it is that fast.

Scale up and Scale out.

Built and deployed with global scale enterprise grade serverless primates. Go from proof of concept to global load without re-architecting your app.

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